Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Easter

The coming of Spring, albeit a bit early here in Minnesota, also brings Easter. The holiday that is third behind Christmas and Halloween in the kids minds because of the candy and other goodies 'that rabbit" brings.

The kids were all amped up from the card ride home and could not settle down, we finally got the to bed at 10:30. This was not to bad we thought, as they would sleep in the following day, not so. At 6:00 sharp they were in our room wondering if the "rabbit" came? We managed to to get them to rest until 7:00 and then we were up and at em, so to speak.

The Easter bunny left them a note which they were enthralled by and could not understand how the Easter bunny knew to put the candy and eggs downstairs and how each kids had their eggs in one room? That is a wise old Rabbit. The kids had a grand time collecting the Easter eggs, candy and the presents left by the "rabbit". This year the 'rabbit" seemed to be into outdoor activities and Jimmy got a basketball, Kay a cool water sprinkler and Bill is the proud owner of a Light'n McQueen slip and slide, awesome!.

We spent the rest of the day unpacking, going for a walk getting a workout and quiet family things. We were still tired from the trip and keep the day low key. We made a ham, and scalloped potatoes and our friend the Manderfield's came over for a quiet family dinner.

The night ended with baths and this time an earlier bedtime of 9:00. All in all a nice quiet Easter. We wish everyone a very Happy Easter!