Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ex-Pat Reunion

This past Friday we had the opportunity to re-connect with our Ex-Pat friends; some still living in Bangalore and others, like us, whom have repatriated back to the good Ole U S of A.

Larrie, Allison and their Daughter Jessie along with Stacy and her daughter Elise; Stacy's husband Alex and their son Preston aka Prestonio stayed back in Bangalore.

Jimmy and Jessie are great friends and had a ball hanging out and re-connecting, playing football, rollerblading and just being 8 year old's.

Kay and Elise are also great friends and both into "girly" things had Kay's room in a complete salon and were offering pedicures to all the ladies for the unbelievable price of 10 rupees!

The regular group of Ex-Pat's made the party a well rounded affair. The food was awesome - Mexican, which anyone whom has lived abroad knows you can not get outside of this continent!

The enchilada's, guac, chips and salsa were well received by all, and he margarita's added the perfect finishing touch.

We had great fun catching up with the news from Bangalore, is the bridge done?! How is the new Taco Bell? Is the Metro train running yet? What is the newest restaurant? Has Bryan Adams booked a gig yet? What other 80's rock icons have performed at the Palace rounds?

Wow, makes you want to run back to Bangalore get some Dosa and wait in traffic to get the 3 miles to the corner ice cream place or just stand outside your Villa and wonder, where is my driver?