Sunday, August 02, 2009

Next up LaGrange

We headed off towards Chicago but really our destination was La Grange - the home of our friends Jan, Chris,Jet and Charlie. This visit comes with the added bonus of the Peiffer's living " down the street" so to speak. Carl Jackie, Johnny,Timmy and Charlie stopped by several times over the weekend to eat, chat and have a fun time.

We arrived late Friday afternoon and headed over to the local La Grange pool for some "pool time". We watched as the fish, I mean kids, played together like we had not be apart for the past three years. Jet and Charlie were part of the "old band" when the kids were at daycare. We had a ball watching the kids go down the slide and even Kay gave it a go. Back to Jan and Chris's home for a BBQ a couple of beers with Carl and then movies, laughing, popcorn,laughing and more movies. Friday night was a blast and the adults and kids all feel into a the very comfortable rhythm you get into with old friends.

We had visions of the kids sleeping in and really enjoying our weekend "away". Like that happened.... 6:00 am and the kids were up making noise and stomping around. Tracy drew the short straw and was up with them while I got to grab an extra hour or so of sleep (internally betting that we could wear the kids down so as not to repeat this foolish idea of getting up so early. I did commit to doing Sunday morning duty - like THAT was going to happen)....
We all finally had breakfast and planned the day. We'd all hit the splash park in the morning and then the girls would take the kids to the Zoo while Chris and I did some "shopping" and got things ready for a seafood feat for Saturday night. Chris had just returned from a business trip from London and after we returned from the store he took a nap while I did some school work. I think Jan and Tracy were suspicious that our plan would actually include beer/TV but we did follow through and got it all done. (no comment on the beer/TV - the other stuff got done, lay off!)

Carl and Jackie were celebrating their 19Th Wedding anniversary so we had them over for Champagne and appy's before they headed out for the evening. Meanwhile we were creating a Portuguese Cataplana that turned out awesome.

Sunday 6:00 and Tom was up with the kids after unsuccessfully trying to bribe them to sleep in. (and losing the afore mentioned bet)

After breakfast it was back to the pool to wear the kids down fore the homeward journey. Lunch was had hugs and goodbye's were said plans were made to get together this fall and off we went.
A big thanks to Jan and Chris for a great reunion we had a blast! Happy Anniversary to Carl and Jackie!
On a side note we must mention that the portable DVD player was a life saver!