Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hard Rock Metal Fused with Dance

The kids had Marin over the other day to babysit while Dad was at the Library doing some school research. Marin is our neighbor and go to girl when we need a sitter and she is a great artist and the kids really dig her.

The kids created t-shirts which was a great idea and they have sparked a continuing rock and roll concert since.

Jimmy is becoming quite the music aficionado and has recently chosen the Band Green Day as his new affliction and as you can see by the t-shirt he creates quite the rad band.

Kay and Billy have been the groupies and have a kind of hands on thing going with the t-shirts and band.

The band itself is what they in the music industry would call emerging. The sound is rather that of a banshee running for it's life but in some ways it is consistent. The drum is the main feature with several loud pounding solos per song and many time back to back solos. The main vocals are handled by Kay in a Janis Joplin/Slam dance/Kiss/retro kind of way. She also handles the guitar backup which is quite the sight as the guitar is bigger than she is.

Old Bill as he is referred to by his band mates, is the background glue kind of musician. He handles the keyboards and light vocals while sometimes using the keyboard like a synthesiser or some other kind of late 70's acid based/meth type of sounds.

The group has yet to develop a name however they have penned several songs including but not limited to :

I wanna Rock

I wanna Rock the House

I wanna rock all Night

Give Nikki a Steak

Animals are true ( They do not drink alcohaol)

Jimmy was at McPhail Center for the arts for an intake interview and saw their poster for the battle of the bands and wants to enter. He was told he had to be 12 to which he responded 'what's up with that" Now he wants to have Billy be the judge and have Jimmy and Kay versus Mommy and Daddy, Yikes. If anyone wants to enter the battle let Jimmy know.
As his interviewer asked him, Jimmy, can I ask you a couple of questions?" Jimmy's response was and I kid you not " Sure, what have you got"

The group may be featured on utube so stay tuned!