Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jimmy Turns 8

August 22nd was finally here, Jimmy's birthday. He has been counting the months, weeks, days and minutes until the Holy Grail of days has arrived.

Jimmy was going back and forth on how to celebrate - from a sleepover to the zoo and finally Mommy made the choice for him, GRANDSLAM! It offers a little piece of heaven right here on earth for 8 year old boys. The place has mini golf, bumper cars, batting cages and laser tag. There are even video games. When we walked in Jimmy's friend Sam turned to him and said "Jimmy ...this place is a dream come true!"

The place has a system that works great. They give you one token for each kid for the batting cage and 8 tokens for video games and unlimited bumper cars, laser tag and mini golf and finally a large pizza and two pitcher of soda. No fuss no mess - the perfect place for the boys to burn off some energy.

Jimmy had a blast with his classmates and they all had a great time with the different events. Some loved the laser tag while other liked the bumper cars. Of course we had to drag Billy out of the bumper cars kicking and screaming. Kay even took a round in the batting cage where the pitches were coming at her 40 miles per hour. She missed the first couple but she just may have made better contact than the boys!

The laser tag was like suiting up to go to war. Each kid had a vest with a shot counter and a laser gun and the whole thing glowed in the dark. The room was a maze of different floors and hiding places and the entire place was dark and only lit with black lights, kind of freaky, spooky and a total rush. The kids came out screaming and laughing and cover in sweat, to sum it up awesome.

It was back home after for more fun and t-shirt making. Jimmy gave each of his buddies a white t-shirt and some fabric paint and they all made cool t-shirts from the day. Finally everyone headed home and Jimmy looked at us and said " Mom and Dad that was awesome, I love you and I have to go to bed." He was wiped out for two days but had a great birthday.

He got lots of presents and Jimmy (and Mom and Dad) say thanks you to everyone that sent birthday wises his way. Jimmy really has been using the amplifier we got him for his electric guitar, I mean using it alot and it appears to date it only has one level of volume, LOUD.

He did make a comment a few days later "its a good thing its not your birthday everyday or you'd be too tired all the time".