Thursday, July 30, 2009

Honeywell Field

Jimmy: Hey Dad can I ask you something?

Dad: Yes Jim what is it?
Jimmy: Did you ever play in the championship game at Honeywell field?

Dad: No Jim I did not.

Jimmy: Well, I can not believe it, but here we are!

No matter that the actual championship was rained out days before and in reality there was a dead tie going into the game, we where at Honeywell field about to embark on the first ever ( of many) championship games. The day was a bright and sunny 80 degrees, the field had been previously attended to by a world class field guy, the foul lines were straight , the bases squared to home plate and the lights were on, it did not matter that it was 10:30am... there was a scoreboard!!

The game featured the Lions Park Squirrels and the Gearity Park Royals, Jimmy was on the Squirrels. When I pointed out to him that I thought their team was the squirrels because of the gray uniform, he told me "not really"... so, I inquired as to the formation of the name. Now there is not a chance I can do this justice in prose but I will try. Jimmy informed me that the reason they are called the Squirrels is because when the opposite teams gets a strike the squirrels all bunch their hands up around the shoulders, tilt their wrists, move their upper lip back and chirp like a squirrel. Go ahead, I know you want to try it - come on join the team! Or... it could be because they are a bunch of squirrely 7 yr olds that are just learning to play baseball... you choose.

Jimmy had a great game went three for three with 4 RBIs and one stolen base. ( We still have it at home). Kay and Billy were drinking slush's like they were going out of style and cheering for the concession stand folk.

The Squirrels were the home team & the games go from 10:30 to 11:50. At the bottom of the third it was Squirrels 18 Royals 6. The Royals came to bat at the top of the fourth; it was 11:05 & 6 pitches later they were out, the game was over and the score was 38 to 38... Did we mention that fielding is not a strong suit at this age?

A dead tie. How did that happen? Crummy accounting ,we are in America. Makes you wonder if Enron has had a lasting affect. No matter... Jimmy got is teammates in a circle and told them, (and I quote) ' Guy's we did a great job, we made it to Honeywell field, next year we will kick their butts, I am going to Dairy Queen".

So much for Honeywell field and the big leagues.