Saturday, July 18, 2009

Take me out to the Ballgame

It was off to Milwaukee to visit Pete, Laura, Ben and Alex a water park and an outdoor baseball game featuring the Brewers and the Giants.

The car ride was from hell and the kids put enough pressure on Tracy and I that immediately upon returning to Minnesota it was off to Target to buy a portable DVD player.

The first night was a real treat because we went to an official Wisconsin Friday night fish fry. We had to wait for about an hour and Pete and I were debating the issue about why this particular restaurant was not an all you can eat fish fry, which is the norm. Well when we were finally seated and the fish was brought the pile on the plate told us why it was not and all you can eat, I mean this was a serious pile of fish. The battle ensued and when the dust cleared we had to bring fish home!

The next day was at the water park and the kids had a ball. We had to drag them away from the rides and pools and force then to eat lunch. Then it was off to the ballgame. I was very impressed with the efficiency and determination shown by the tailgaters. Now for some people I will explain the 'art" of tailgating. It is a term that dates back early in American culture and centers around a group of people who attend an outdoor sporting event and bring with them everything that they own and create an outdoor kitchen and dining room. The term refers to using the tailgate of the car or vehicle as the table from which to serve the food and place the lawn chairs around.

The new tailgate's have taken this to the next level. Being that most vehicles today do not have a tailgate the person simply loads their SUV with the needed equipment and upon reaching the stadium it is a race to see who can get set up and cooking the fastest. I would have to save that 43 minutes from parking to eating a brat cooked over the coals, no propane here, was quite impressive. Not to mention setting up a Packers Bean Bag toss and having chairs and kid food and cold beer, well done Pete. The kids seem to have enjoyed themselves and took to the tailgating like fish to water and Jimmy even found some friends to play catch and to pitch to him. The Brewers won the game on the bottom of the 9th and it was a perfect finish to a great night.

The next morning it was off to the Peterson family farm where Billy was in heaven with all the animals and pets. The kids played with the horses and Laura's Mom made the most incredible cream puffs that we had to eat two just to be sure. The car ride home further added to the need for the portable DVD player and we are now ready for the big road trip to Grandma and Grandpa Hickey's cabin in northern Michigan more on that to follow!