Thursday, June 25, 2009

Up North and Fathers Day and Tracy's Birthday

Three of my favorite things!

We headed up to the VanMeter's cabin over the weekend with the Buckley's and the place was overrun with crazy Korean kids. We all arrived late afternoon on Friday and the kids wasted no time getting into the groove.

Karen and Jeff along with Sherra ( Rich was at home with Robbie) and Tracy and I all met in Seoul as we were all there to pick up our kids, how cool is that!

Here is the brood

The kids had a ball we adults had some great fun as well and you should have seen the stick Jeff had at the bonfire on Friday night.

The group is like an old glove and it was fun reconnecting. We had a blast tubing, swimming and Jimmy and Lesia gave water skiing a go and although no one actually got up the kids did great. We had the most incredible dinner on Saturday night with a little Australian influence from our friends Duane and Leanne, a dessert called Pavlova, not so sure how proud we all were when we realized that there were no leftovers!!

The weekend was full of fun, good friends and laughter.

Sunday of course was Fathers Day so we all got packed up and headed our separate ways to be with our families and celebrate the day. Tracy and the kids had a pile of great Fathers Day gifts for me and we had a great dinner but mostly it was fun just being home with the family. To all Fathers everywhere ,Happy Fathers Day.

Monday followed with Tracy's birthday and a pool party reunion with the 'boat people". Nothing says Happy Birthday like a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake!
It has been over three years since one of the parties actually counted and this was was no exception. The Milbrath's were in town on vacation and along with the Peterson's and Fosters we all reconnected and celebrated Tracy's birthday. The kids, Kay especially went all out and created some great gifts. Happy Birthday Tracy we love you !!!