Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Music Store

We interrupt the summer vacation blog with the following update from Jimmy's trip to the music store.

Many of you know Jimmy's obsession with music and he has been lately driving us crazy with questions about guitars, drums, keyboards and now the cello.

We need to get his guitar repaired and he insisted on going to the local music store to have a 'talk' with them. He even wrote down all his questions

Here is a recap:

Jimmy: Hi I am here to ask you a few questions.

Really Mellow Clerk Guy ( RMCG): How can I help you?

Jimmy: Do you have any cool guitars that are not so expensive?

RMCG: Well we have some used guitars that are around $150.00

Jimmy: Who used them and are they any good?

RMCG now with a funny smirk on his face: I do not know who used them and the guitars were all fixed here in our shop.

Jimmy: Do you have any Gibson guitars?

RMCK(smirk is growing): Well we are not a Gibson distributor but we could locate one for you if you want?

Jimmy: How much are they?

RMCG: They are about $1500.00

Kay: That is alot

Jimmy: That's because they are really cool

Jimmy: OK I saw a couple of stratocaster guitars can you tell me about them?

RMCG looking at Dad with a dazed look in his eye: Well we have this green on and the left hand one.

Jimmy: Are they any good?

RMCG (smirk grows again): Why... yes, yes they are.

Moving on through the store....

Jimmy: Is this the drum room?

RMCG: Yes, yes it is.

Jimmy: Can you fix my drums they are from Indian where we used to live and need to be fixed and I need a new Tom Tom, a couple of cymbals and a new foot petal for my bass drum.

RMCG: We do not usually repair drums. ( Another glance at Tom ...Who is this kid?)

Jimmy: Well if you do not repair drums can you fix my guitar and do you have amplifiers that will work with my guitar?

RMCG: The average charge for fixing a guitar is $30.00 and we have several levels of amplifiers that will work.

Jimmy: How late are you open?

RMCG: 9:00pm

Jimmy: Ok thanks for your help I will be back

Tracy got the download at dinner. Jimmy ended this update with "Mom, I really gotta get back into lessons and music, this is killing me!"