Friday, February 06, 2009

"So, how are you adjusting?" the constant question

Everyone we meet has the same question ... "SO! How are you adjusting?"

The Official Response ????
We are great ! The kids FINALLY got to go sledding this weekend and they were in heaven. Kay loves school ("its SO AWESOME and Ella is superduper nice"). Jimmy also loves school and seems to know everyone already, including how to score a free hot lunch and sang his 1st grade Japanese day performance on Thursday. Billy has (finally) stopped asking when we are going home and seems to enjoy his twice a week play date class. Tom started school back up this week (ethics anyone?) and has the house AND garage whipped into shape. (I am loving that part!) I just finished week 2 of my new job and LOVE learning a new business, not to mention the people here rock (way smart and nice - good folk). We joined the JCC and have even started working out again which is good since we have been eating our weight in meat, cottage cheese, good red wine and skim milk. Overall, a pretty good start.

The Reality Response??
We are in the deep end of the pool, ripped the bandaid off, you choose your metaphor..Kay has declared she “doesn’t like snow, its too cold”. I figure her blood with thicken up. Jimmy keeps looking at the photo book we put together for him of all his Palm Meadows friends. They are all just too cute together and its makes us all homesick. We have had a couple melt down moments, including an absolutely ridiculous fight between Jimmy and I over 1/2 page of homework that landed both of us in tears. I miss having company/friends to listen to me rant/rave on the way to/from work. I miss the impromptu play dates and babysitting help we used to give each other since we lived literally on top of each other. I miss martini’s in the car at the end of a rough day (1 of the highlights of having a driver) and most of all I just miss the connections we made in Bglr. People are getting sick of hearing us talk about India, but its such a big part of us right now. Its hard not to talk about it. We know we’ll work through it and things will be good but they wont be the same.

So, that's it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Would we have stayed longer in India if we could have? Yes, but probably not much past March anyway. Do we like being home? YES! Being able to make plans with your family and friends is such a wonderful 'novelty'. I want to remember that and not take it for granted.

Our focus for the next 60 days? Continue to reconnect with family/friends and find ways to stay tied to the friends we left behind. Work on ways to integrate our two worlds and life experiences that will continue to enrich us as a family and not drive everyone else crazy. Get back into a spiritual community and... most importantly....

- HOST the St Patricks Day Parade Revival - HOLD THE DATE - March 14th:)

Peace in the process....(to us and you)