Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jimmy - the school's new Julie McCoy

As you know, Jimmy is an extrovert. An EXTREME extrovert. He never forgets a name (or face), he is a master of YouTube, he loves performing (drums, guitar, Hi-5 dancing, High School Musical, light saber skills, you name it, if you come over he'll have a performance ready) and he talks a mile a minute, nonstop, all the time. Any type of human interaction, any time is his preference.

While this has helped with his transition back to MPLS (he knew everyone in his class on day 1), He is still one of the tallest and bigeest kids in his class he is front and center in this school performace,
it is leading to some interesting coversations. Examples:

1) He regularly searches eBay for the newest drumset, guitars, light sabers, etc. He compares and constrasts features and price. The other night he found an offer for 3 "free" light sabers - he filled out the info. The phone rings 2 hours laters. Its a credit card company looking for Jimmy Murphy. Tom nicely explains that he's Jimmy's father can he help? "No, I need to speak to Jimmy directly". Why?? "Because some of the information we need to process his credit card is missing"... Tom's reaction "he's 7". "Oh, ok, sorry sir good bye". So, some how he got enough info filled out on line that they were willing to contact him about a credit card. I am worried about our future credit ratings and we need to figure out how to lock down our computer. Maybe Jimmy can show us.

2) He was kissed by a girl at the Valentines Day party last Friday. It was THE talk of school. He told Tom about it in the car ride home, he told me about it over dinner. We talked about it after dinner. He even went to bed and had to get up because he "wasnt done talking about it". He was hysterical. Comments like: "I've never been in love before, I dont know what to do" "Why does she love me?" "She said she didnt kiss me, but Marissa and Ruby both said she did" "I cant believe I've been such a fool" etc etc. We want him to talk to us about this stuff so we were asking all the appropriate questions - is she nice, is she fun, how did it happen, how did you feel, etc... finally after 4 hours I had run out of questions. I finally said "well, do you think she's cute?" Kay quickly hopped in with "like my butt?!"

3) He has discovered the school directory. This is a listing of all the names, addresses and phone #'s of every kid in school. Dangerous, very dangerous. Since yesterday was a school holiday (and he obviously needed more social interaction than this father, sister, brother, aunt, cousin and 2 dogs could give him) he started calling his friends. They chatted about light sabers, "the kiss", playdates, etc.. THEN, when ran out of friends, he called Cameron. Cameron is a kid that USED be in the class but moved before Cmas. Jimmy doesnt know him. He's never met him. He moved out of the school before we even where home from India. Why did he call? He wanted to know how Cameron was doing. How's his new school? Did the move go ok? Does he have new freinds? Are they nice? etc etc etc. So, now Jimmy has scheduled a playdate for Saturday with a kid we have never met,. who lives on the other side of town and who he basically randomly called out of the phone book.

Too bad he's shy.