Friday, February 13, 2009

Conversations with Kay

Kay is an interesting duck -she's bossy, independent, resiliant, talkative, happy, inquisitive, a total wiggle worm and not a morning person. (The excpetion being? yep ... a party at school where she can wear her brand new red heart dress, THEN she's up at 6am) Did I also mention she can "out girl" any girly girl?

Here are some snippets of conversations over the last 2 weeks with Kay...

Last week
Kay - Guess what? Can I tell you something?!
Tracy - Yes Kay, I'm listening
Kay - School is SO AWESOME, I just love it. And Ella is SUPER DUPER nice
(She even begs to do homework. odd kid)

Wednesday after a field trip
Kay - Guess what? Can I tell you something?!
Tracy - Yes Kay, I'm listening
Kay - We went on a field trip today and it was SO AWESOME. We saw ducks and fish and snakes and a teeny tiny itsy witsy bity turtle, it was SOOOOOOOO cute.....
(total girl moment, the boys would have totally forgotten they had even been on a field trip or would have been amazed by something gross like the shedded snakes skin)

Yesterday after school
Kay - Guess what?! Can I tell you something?!
Tom - Sure Kay
Kay - We had cupcakes at school - it was my best friends birthday
Tom - Really, that's cool, who is she?
Kay - I dont know her name, but she's my new best friend
(so, all it takes is cupcakes and you too can be Kay's best friend, although I wont promise she'll remember your name)

Last night the kids were talking about light saber fights and how Billy's 'skills' are getting better:
Jimmy - Billy, you are getting good at light saber fighting, keep practining
Billy - Yeah, I know
Kay - I am a good fighter too
Jimmy - But Billy is better at light saber
Kay - Yes, but I am getting better at regular fighting
(And she is, not that we are encouraging this... Her future boyfriends will need to be warned)

This morning
Kay: Hi Daddy good morning. (up early in prep for the big party at school)
Daddy: Good morning Kay why are you up so early
Kay: Guess what?! Can I tell you something?
Daddy: Sure Kay what?( God help me here we go)
Kay: Are we having a fire tonight?
Daddy: Well Mommy and I talked about it and we are planning to( where is this going?)
Kay: You know what Dad?
Dad: No what Kay?
Kay: When is Grace coming home because she is my best friend! (cupcakes anyone??)
Dad: She is coming home soon.
Kay: Yes!! (with a hand pump gesture)
Kay: Dad you know what Grace is my best friend and Elise is my next best friend and then Jessie and you know what? (these are all our India friends)
Dad: Kay I have no idea.
Kay: Too bad they all aren’t home now because if we have a fire tonight we can have s’mores and Grace and Elise and Jessie all like s’mores and they can come over and have some with us, too bad.
Daddy: Kay when they come home we can have them over for s’mores.
Kay: Dad well Tim and Patrick like s’mores too and they are my friends to so maybe they will come over tonight and have s’mores with us. Can we ask them? (She takes after Tom in her party planning skills)