Thursday, February 19, 2009

Billy Balou I love you

Billy Billy Billy. There isnt really anyway to describe Billy. You have to experience Billy. He is all boy and continues to be a truckaholic. He has this deep raspy voice that sounds like he's been smoking Marborlo Reds for years. He is by minute happy, stubborn, goofy, wiggly, defiant and talkative. He loves to cuddle and give kisses (to anyone anytime) but the minute he crawls on your lap, he finds it impossible to sit still. He sleeps with 2-6 trucks under his pillow every night. BUT, he's equally fascinated by books, and we frequently find him sleeping with a book (about trucks) or 'reading' to himself quietly in a corner. He can play with anyone but also loves to play alone. He is frequently Kay's model for make up, dresses and high heels (I think he actually prefers high heels) but is also studying light saber dualing under the guidance of Master Jimmy. When he doesnt get what he wants or doesnt like what you have to tell him, he shoots you a whithering look and then plugs his ears and closes his eyes until you go away. A close 2nd to trucks/cars/books is dogs. He is MAD about dogs. AND he has a way with them. Dogs flock to him and are really calm around him. He doesnt like icecream or cookies or any other type of after dinner treat but could eat rice/daal all day. Overall Billy is incredibly simple, complex, old and young all at the same time. Sometimes you feel like you are in the presence of an 80 yr old man in a 4 yr old body. He is what he is. But then again, arent we all....

Common Billy-isms

Give me chocolate in chocolate milk (dont call social services just yet, long story short we started calling regular milk chocolate milk in a ploy to get him to drink milk. The old bait and switch. Ok, now you can call social services)

I like you Mom (or Dad depending on who just poured his chocolocate milk)

Oh, I am wasting my time (said with his hand to his forehead after Tom asked him what he was up to)

Read it to me Read it to me (we are working on manners and asking please or just saying it nicely)

Can I buy this? (short story long - he used to take trucks without asking from friends houses - ie steal - but after many lectures on this not being a good practice, as started asking to buy the truck that he's already stuffed in his pants pocket before he leaves the friends house)

Mom, I have to go potty (usually I hear this as an announcement loudly in my ear at 2am - my response, so "go"... his response??? "oh-ok")

I'm bored (said 2 minutes after he has woken up at the ungodly hour of 6:22am)