Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jimmy and the Purple Crayon (aka Coloring Contest)

Exams were last week (including on Saturday) and so Tuesday was colored dress day (they didnt have to wear uniforms) and there was to be a BIG festivity. A coloring contest.

Jimmy was not impressed.

Monday evening -
Jimmy - I am not going to school tomorrow. I hate coloring. I'm not going to do it (imagine this repeated every 10 min's throughout the entire evening in the whinnest voice accompanied by tears...)

Finally at the end of Monday night -
Jimmy - Mommy write in my book to Ma'am that I am not coloring tomorrow. If she makes me color, I am coming home.

Mommy - Ok Jimmy, fine. I am writing the note to Ma'am. Dear Ma'am - Jimmy would prefer not to color tomorrow. Please respect this. Tracy

Jimmy - NO! You did NOT say that I am NOT coloring. Write it down!!

We finally come to agreement that what I wrote would suffice.

Tuesday - Coloring Contest Evening.

Daddy - How was the day?

Jimmy - Fine

Daddy - Did you color?

Jimmy - Yep

Daddy - How was it?

Jimmy - Fine - can I go play with Preston? (You can see that we get a lot of info out of him on school:) )

Wednesday - post school, as we are digging through his bag looking for homework and half eaten sandwiches... Tom finds a note. " Good news parents Jimmy has taken 1st place in the coloring contest".

Daddy - Wow! Jimmy you won 1st place in the coloring contest, way to go!! What did you color? (the said picture was not in his bag)

Jimmy - Can I go to Prestons?

Daddy - Come on Jimmy, this is great, what did you color?

Jimmy - A picture, I left it at school

Daddy - Wow, we'll have to look at it when we go to school on Friday to meet your Ma'am. Did you get anything for 1st place?

Jimmy - Most kids got a new t-shirt i just got crayons or something there in my bag - Can I go to Prestons now?

Huh... what's it going to be like when he's 13?!!