Tuesday, September 16, 2008

State Fair Party :) and Good Bye Todd :(

For "real" State Fair footage, catch Kate - Tom's sister - at the fair:) Thanks Jim!!

Well, Saturday was a Happy/Sad day for all of us. Todd was leaving us, his expat assignment coming to an end, but as a going away party requested to have a State Fair themed party (he loves the State Fair and missed it this year).

We were happy to oblige!
(See photo of Todd to the left holding the most amazing scrap book his team made for him).

The night consistented of ONLY food on a stick, face painting, MN themed tshirts, tacky tatoos, wife beater tshirts, hand painted MN state flag signs and lots and lots of beer and milk.

(See to the left, Jimmy telling Preston how to spell sh_t so that Preston could write it in Todd's going away book. Needless to say this was after sugar overload and time outs were distributed amongst all participants)

The food was an amazing array of grease, sugar and carbs: corn dogs (Mrs Pinto came through again with her most excellent recipe), popcorn, cotton candy, pickles, veggies, fruit, 3 kinds of cookies, cake, ice cream, french fries, samosa's, freshly made home made chips (my favorite), corn on the cob, beer, soda, koolaid, milk and finally s'mores. I think everyone had the post State Fair food hang over going the next day:)

(See Kay and Elise hamming it up for the crowd

You can see that the kids had a great time and everyone was decked out in their favorite MN sports team. If you look close you can even see Billy's temporary tatoos (a snake and power ranger).

I must admit, I have never liked the State Fair, but recreating it in Bangalore is a gas (literally... the next day:))

Overall a very fun send off to someone we will all miss everyday. Thanks for all you do Todd!!!