Friday, October 03, 2008


In honor of our slumping economy and after hearing our cutting edge friend Wendy refer to her "stay at home vacation" as a staycation, we decided to do the same:)

The kids are off of school for the pooja holidays (TONS of holidays fall in Oct, everything from Muslim, to Hindu, to Ghandi's bday), 2 whole weeks. Yikes!! Since Tracy is heading to the US for 1/2 of the holidays, we thought we'd explore Bangalore a bit more as a family instead of jeting off to some exotic local. Tracy took 3 days off work and we had 5 whole days together as a family. "Not bad, not bad at all" as Jimmy says...

1st up? Fun City and the movie Wall E, complete with hot dogs, popcorn, nachos and Fanta. The kids had a blast. Tom and I still arent too sure about the movie, but movie theaters here are so nice and so good that you can watch almost anything and have a good time!

Next, full day at Palm Meadows- basketball, tennis, hike, park, Little Rascals on DVD for the 400th time, Grayce & Owen for dinner, playing & riding bikes in the rain - a perfect day at home...

Heading out again - The RajKumar Boating Lake. Now, this is a bit like a mini carnival on a lake, (for those of you Packer fans, think Bay Beach) and its actually clean! (that's saying something in India!!) We rented paddle boats, rode on .25cent rides, jumped on the bouncy "things", ate popcorn, drank Fanta (seems to be a reoccuring theme, huh?) and basically ran ourselves out. The kids slept all the way home:) This is on our list of things to do more often!

A not too fun, but necessary day in town furniture shopping. We want to bring back a nice, big, Indian inspired dining room table set and new front door home with us. Since our kitched was gutted last week, we are feeling the "urge" to see what's out there and figure out what we like (and what we can afford). Of course, this will be followed by a lunch at KFC which would not be complete without Fanta.

This outing inspired Jimmy to set up "shop". He pulled all his books, games, toys, etc out into the garage, made signs and set up shop. Did you know a guitar goes for $2000? No wonder he didnt get much business. Jimmy was in charge, Kay his helper and Billy was the security guard. They made him sit on a chair in front of the driveway with a whistle. Too funny.

We also managed to have dinner with Bob, Chandra, Amber, Abhi, Ann, Ajay & Angelica not to mention a date night for just Tom and I. (In case you are wondering, we DO have friends who's names dont start with A, B or C, but they are all on real vacations to exotic locals such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cochin and Goa....)

Finally, what staycation wouldnt be complete without a 1 hr reflexology massage, anti aging facial, pedicure and head oil?!

All in all, a great 5 days!!