Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pondicherry & Road Signs

For those of you that read this blog regularly, you know that India is nothing if not amusing at times.

Tom and I slipped away for a quick adult only vacation in Pondicherry while Sue stayed back in Bangalore with the kids (we LOVE you Aunt Sue!!)

We had our own cabina that included a gated garden and 3 sets of lounge chairs. It was really cool and felt very private.

The vacation itself was nice and relaxing. 4 days, 3 naps, 2 massages and 1 big fat book. Not bad:) Here's the view of the ocean from the pool through the "door" of the resort...

However, the real amusement from the weekend came in reading all the road signs. Its my favorite habit to look for creatively spelled signs while I sit in traffic. I have seen chicken spelled more ways than you can imagine - chiken cicken chickin etc... So, for a long time I have wanted to do a blog on all the signs in Bangalore, however, it seems the level of spelling has improved over the last 2 years (mine hasnt but local residents have). I can no longer find the pethura of creatively spelled signs. But, on our way to Pondicherry, I had 6 hours to "watch" signs go by...

Here's my favorite Chiken shop by my house.

Hmmm....Alchoal is not allowed....

What gets me is that these arent just painted signs. They are produced high quality signs. I mean where's the proof reading or spell check?! Do they look at each other and do you spell alcohol? the other guy says alchoal..the 1st guy says...are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure... ok, let's put it on a sign and have it professionally produced. I mean, is there NO ONE along the way that knew that this wasnt the right spelling??

Same with suppliers ... supplierrs. Does the extra r mean something?

But the one below that is my ALL TIME Favorite now. I've heard of things being flammable and even things that are highly flammable, but who knew that truck after truck after truck on the Indian highways are carrying Highly Inflammable materials. Should I be worried or not??

Finally, the road signs themselves are hysterical. We went racing by one and I couldnt get a picture of said "Reckless Driving is a One Way Ticket to Hell". I mean, can you see that on the 694/494 loop?!