Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jimmy turns 7

Jimmy is 7!!!!

Holy cow, we cant believe it. Our guy is all grown up. He was SO excited to turn 7, its unbelievable how much energy goes into it. Its better than Christmas. He counted down the 7 Friday's before the "big" day and then counted down the final 7 days to his birthday. We had long discussions on what we should do for the party (lot's of games), who should be invited (only big boys, with the exception of Kay and Billy since they are my brother and sister) and even what kind of cake (definitely sprinkled cupcakes) We took him out for Korean food on Thursday night to "toast" his last day as a 6 yr old. Of course they all ate like we never feed them....

Then, the big day finally arrived and guess what ?? He had a 104 temp. Yep, all that prep, excitement and anticipation resulted in a natsy 48 hr bug. Poor guy. He was delirious with fever (talking to Preston at 6am and speaking in a So Indian English accent at about 4am). And, he kept complaining that when he picked his head up "his head goes crazy, there are crazy people in there". Needless to say, Mom and Dad didnt get much sleep this weekend. You know that you 7 year old is sick when he cries because he wants to cancel his birthday party and wait to open presents. In fact, we had told him there was 1 really big present (see the bike photo below) that would be ready at breakfast. At 3am, after a break in his delierium, he said "can you bring my big present up to me after my head stops acting crazy?".

But, never fail. The party was moved to Saturday, the presents waiting until post nap and we are still eating birthday cupcakes. (chocolate chocolate, yum!!). He had the best "day" and got the best presents, truly. Every new present was greeted with "Wow, this is what I ALWAYS wanted" "Cool" "Excellent" "No Way!!" "Alright" The objects of so much excitement??

~ A blue light saber from Grandma and Grandpa (let the Star Wars begin, it is actually quite cool)

~ A new red flamed dirt bike from Mom and Dad (much bigger than his old bike and totally fit for a cool new 7 yr old)

~ A Woody doll from Aunt Sue (he's been sleeping with it for 4 days now)

~ A finn and snorkle set from Preston (this will alieviate the fight that breaks out when Preston bring his set to the pool)

~ Xmen action figures from Kay & Billy (he even thanked both of them and gave them a hug)

The party itself was at Fun City, a sort of mini Chuck E Cheese. There was one game where you had to "drum" in order to defeat the characters and get points. Guess who won that game, over and over and over. I guess the lessons paid off.

We had pizza and soda and tried to keep 10 active kids from running too crazy (sort of a goat rodeo if you can imagine).

But, alls well that ends well. He had a grand time and is feeling better today. (Thank god)

We love you Jimmy and welcome to 7!!