Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jimmy's marks and Sue's HERE!!

Wow, it was a busy weekend. Last week, Jimmy had his 1st test of official 1st standard unit tests. They held one test/day and then Friday was the parent/teacher conference and the unveiling of the marks.

Now, keep in mind, we tried to study with him each night, but were getting growingly concerned when we would ask him "how'd you do?" He'd say "great! I got 10 of 10" Oh, we were so proud!! Until... he then said "yeah and another kid got 14 of 14 and another 16 of 16" Hmm... just how many questions are on the test? And...are we raising a chronic optimist? I mean, getting 10 of 16 does sound better when you say, "I got 10 of 10 right and the other 6 wrong..."

No fear, he "topped" his tests...
Maths (as they call it here) 25 of 25
English (spelling) 24 of 25
Computers (naming parts) 25 of 25
Environmental Studies (as far as I can tell, reading comprehension) 20 of 20
Hindi 19 of 25 (ok, before anyone freaks on this, he didnt answer the last 4 questions, so I"m tempted to call it a 19 of 21 with not answering the last 4:)

His teachers are all really proud of him, he leads the class in confidence and leadership, always wanting to help other kids. He plays with everyone and is nice to everyone ("also ma'am, he is very talkative and funny") He just needs to do his work more neatly and slowly. It seems he's always racing to be the 1st one done. We are really proud of him.

On another equally proud note, Kay came home with 2 stars on her hand. When I asked her why she said "because I sat still all day". Now, those of you who read this blog and know Kay know... this is a feat equal to Jimmy's test scores:)

We had barely finished recovering from all the school celebrations when....

Sue's here!!!! Sue's here!!!

Sue arrived Sunday morning 4:30am. She looked great and didnt seem to mind the long flight at all. The kids were too excited to see her and Jimmy was up early to cuddle with her. She is our only repeat guest and we have some fun things planned. Keep posted to our blog for the latest!!