Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good bye to the Webbs!

1st of all, we apologize for our lack of blogging lately. Tom has enrolled in college on line(Thanks Shawn:)) and all his "free" time is going to studying, getting chat room points, and figuring out how to navitage the college site. Between Tracy sitting at a computer 8 hours a day, now Tom is too:) Hence our lack of blogs.

The 1st piece of news we need to share is actually a sad goodbye to The Webbs. The Webbs have returned to California just in time for Cody to start 1st grade. We will miss S-Bone, C-Bone,N-Bone and S-P-Diddy. We will keep Gemma in our prayers and look forward to a photo!!!!!

Cody and Jimmy became fast friends 15 months ago when Cody said "wanna play power rangers?" and Jimmy said "power up!". Noah and Billy also developed a brother like relationship that included hugging each time they saw each other and fighting mercilessly over trucks, cars, etc. Kay didnt lack for attention as Shawn and Steph and patiently waiting to bring Emma home from China. On more than one occassion, I feared that they'd go home with Kay smuggled under their shirts (one more than one occassion, I wish they would have!).

So, we gathered some of our favorite photos of the kids together as a tribute to their time in Bangalore.

Good bye, but welcome home! We'll be sure to call on you for a Disney land visit when we get back.

The LoudAmericans