Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Guest Blogger - My sister Julie

The following blog is being written by Julie. The thoughts and comments here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the blog 'owners' (just kidding Julie, go for it)my trip to india.

Where should I start? The wonderful smells, the traffic or the wonderful bathrooms (please refert back to wonderful smells). I guess I should start at the begining of my trip. I flew in from Thailand with Tracy Tom and the kids. After spending five weeks in Thailand where the cities are very clean, easy to get around and relatively little trafiic, I felt like I had landed on another planet. The highlights of my trip was first spending time with Jimmy Kay and Billy. They are so unique and individual and funny and too smart and way too cute. Jimmy is speaking with a Indian accent and both Kay and Jimmy are speaking tamil. The second thing is the food. Tracy and Tom are truly blessed because they have an amazing cook. I think I am the only person in the world who goes to India and gains weight. Raj and Flor would make 6 or 7 different dishes for lunch and dinner and all of them were amazing.

Tracy set me up with her auruyvedic doctor to study with and if anybody out there needs to be healed this IS the guy. He would see maybe 20 people in one hour. People who had everything from cancer to paralysis, high blood pressure, obesity, sliped discs, ALS... anything he would cure. After a 10 minute session he would relieve peoples symptoms by 90 percent to 100 percent. These people would be fighting their diseases for years or in pain for 10 15 20 years and in 10 minutes they were almost cured. It is truly amazing . His therapy at first seems very simple, almost like a plasibo. But after learning what he was actually doing, it was extremely detailed and complex but at the same time very simple. He starts out by feeling your hand and feeling what element is in exceess. Then he balances it by doing reflexogy, accupresure, homeopathy and then he ends with taping seeds on your fingers.

The traffic is crazy here. Its amazing, a five kilometer trip may take two hours. You have cows just hanging out in the middle of the street. Everybody is constantly honking at each other. People are just squating off on the sidewalk going pee or poop. Every five feet tere is a huge pile of garbage and people are just throwing there garabage out their windows. When we were on our way to Ooty we awere driving down the highway and on the median right in the center of the very busy highway a guy is taking a nap.

A very different planet:)