Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fathers Day!!!

We Murphy children are feeling quite literary these days. We had so much funny writing our Mothers Day blog that we decided to write the sequel, our Father’s Day blog.

Our Daddy is the BEST!! He is Dedicated to our every whim and need (ie. Chocolate) , he is Attentive to our friends (ie parties), he is Determined that we grow up nicely (ie. No fighting), he is Dashing (ie particularly in his new kurta’s) and he is Young at heart (ie. Swimming, biking and playing with us).

Here is what we wrote in his Father’s Day cards:

Jimmy – I love my Daddy, he makes me good food for dinner. He rents me movies and let’s me eat popcorn in the living room.

Kay – I yove you Daddy, now…. OPEN your presents!!

Billy – I love you too Daddy, especially when you let me sleep in between you and Mommy.

We also wanted to tell you about all the great things Daddy does….

For our family – he never forgets anyone’s birthday and is great at calling to talk and wish people all the love they can handle in the next year.

For charities – he works on the Charity Committee and supports anywhere from 3-5 charities at any given time. Helping them get money, supplies and resources they need for the kids in India that cant help themselves.

For our friends – he is GREAT at helping people adapt to India. He throws “welcome to India” parties, takes them shopping, finds them drivers/maids/cooks, gives them tours of Bangalore, helps them make friends.

For school – he got us all our books, supplies and uniforms. He did this not just for us, but for all our friends in Palm Meadows too since the line was so d_mn long (he waited in line for 3 hours!!)

For fun – he is always the 1st to help organize a party, plan the food, decide on a theme and insure everyone is having fun.

For our Mommy – he makes sure that she feels loved

For us – see all of the above!!

On Fathers Day we tried to treat him very nicely. Here was his day…
Sleep until 9:30am (after he slept with Billy from 3-5am due to Billy wanting to cuddle)
Presents, cards and a big omelet breakfast
Swimming at the pool
Tasty lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup
A head massage
Steak dinner complete with champagne, red wine, ice cream sundaes and our favorite neighbors
A nice phone call with each and every one of my brothers, sisters and parents.