Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yes ... Jimmy is only 5 ....

As you know, Jimmy is a big kid. He has a healthy appetite and we are saving money, not for college but for our grocery bills when he hits the teenage years.

This is non fiction account of actual events, all resemblance to characters living/dead is intentional ....

Background - Jimmy is 5 yrs old, weighs 63lbs and stands 4'2" tall, he'll eat almost anything

Yesterday at Lunch (all direct quotes):

Jimmy: Dad I'm hungry.
Dad: What do you want for lunch
Jimmy: Chicken

10 minutes later ...
Dad: Jimmy would anything else
Jimmy: more chicken

10 minutes later...
Dad: Jimmy are you done?
Jimmy: can I have more chicken please.
Dad: OK

10 minutes later....
Jimmy: Dad I am done that was delicious, can I have some chocolate milk?
Dad: Sure any more chicken?
Jimmy: Save the rest and I will eat it for dinner

God help us, there WASNT any left for dinner, he ate an entire chicken by himself for lunch.