Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day is celebrated throughout the world on several different days. For us Americans it was May 13th, and we had a great deal to celebrate this year because of our Mom, Tracy.

Did you know that our Mom works very hard here in India and just last month was honored by her work for achieving 100 team members. How hard would it be to handle 100 different kids, I mean there are three of us at the house and by God it is hard to follow all the rules I can not imagine what it is like with 100, Way to go Mom!!

Our Mom also spends much of her free time playing with us. Did you know that she takes Billy and Kay for a walk almost everyday and she teaches them songs and tells them stories. Then when she comes home she gets Jimmy breakfast makes sure he gets his eye drops and we all brush our teeth. Then she even reads stories to us and sings songs while we play band and she does all this before she goes to work, We love You Mom!!

Our Mom is really special because she is very aware of tons of stuff. One of the things she is aware of is something called MS, Muscular Sclerosis. Her Uncle Alan died of this disease several years ago and Mom decided that she was going to do something about It. So she has been riding in this bike ride which is 15o miles विथ her friend Wendy। Over the past thirteen years or so they have rode over 1,950 miles to raise money for this cause. Now being that we are in India this year has not stopped her determination. Her and Wendy have formed this virtual team and are riding the race together or at the same time at least, sort of. There are a bunch of time zone difference and other things but the point is our Mom is raising money and riding a stationary bike her in India to raise money to help people back home, Mom you humble us!!

There is many more great things our Mom does for us however the best thing is that she loves us.

Happy Mothers Day Mom,we are proud of you and, WE LOVE YOU, TOO!!
Jimmy Kay and Billy.