Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Maldives

The Maldives is basically a group of several islands of the southern tip of India.
The area has very strong ties with the Islamic faith and obeying the traditions and religious rules is of the utmost concern. Translated several of the Island paradise destinations due not serve alcohol or meat so they were crossed off the list and Summer Island became the chosen destination.

Webster’s defines tranquility as: quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity.

Which is nice however a more up to date definition is, no kids, large Target cups filled with ice and the drink of the day, a book, chaise lounge and the sound of the ocean waves gently rolling onto shore.

The all-inclusive choice is the way to go and while the food is ok, the cocktails, water and free soda more then make up for it. We basically read books, took naps and snorkeled, everyday. We were lucky enough to go night fishing and caught several fish. The next night they prepared them for us for dinner!

The three nights and four days were about all you can handle, as on each Island there is only one resort and that is it! Even going for a walk entails. Walk for 5 min’s, hit the end of the island, turn around, walk for 5 minutes, hit the other end of the island, turn around. You’d get dizzy before you got in shape. So if you decided to go to the Maldives bring a large glass, several books and American dollars, the Maldives does not accept Indian Rupees! Here is our suggestion on a sample itinerary…..

Sample Itinerary
Schedule: eat read snorkel drink sleep eat read snorkel drink sleep eat read snorkel drink sleep.

Duration: 3 days is heaven, 4 days is hell

Attire: swimsuit, sarong, sunscreen, and preferably lots of tattoos (no need to bring shoes or even a clean t-shirt)

Guest List: Germans and Australians (see above note on swimsuits and tattoos, there were people here that shouldn’t have been “sporting” either) we were only the 2nd Americans that had ever come to this island.