Thursday, April 05, 2007

Grandpa Jeremiah and Grandma Kay in Bangalore

We finally returned home to Bangalore and settled in. The Grandparents spent a day or two getting acquainted with Palm Meadows and Raj and Florence.

We toured Bangalore and saw the pathetic Bangalore Palace, Cubbon Park which is very nice and the old and new Parliament buildings. There are so many things to see here that days go by just experiencing everyday Bangalore.

There was a moment during our visit to Iskcon Temple, better known as the Hari Krishna, you know the people from the airport, that the Catholic Church skipped a beat. Jeremiah actually went into the Temple and donated money and said a prayer, although brief, a prayer, to the god Krinshna and received a bindi for his effort! Out of respect for my dad I will not publish this photo however Jeremiah just so you know it does exist!

With Jimmy and Kay off to school Tom and Billy took Grandma and Grandpa to Mysore. We first visited Chamundi Hill which over looks the entire city and upon which rests the Sri Chamundeswari Temple. There is a gauntlet of street vendors one must navigate through in order to see this beautiful Temple. We were fortunate enough to arrive on a day in which there was a bundt and therefore no vendors! I can not tell you how to anticipate when a bundt will be called they just simply happen.

We then paid for our offering of flowers and banana's and proceeded into the Temple where Grandma was promptly attacked by a cow looking for her banana! The attacks did not stop there after fending off the aggressive cow a mother monkey sprung from the rafters and after a fierce battle Grandma gave up the banana to save Billy who innocently entered the foray, Whew!

The zoo provided us with some interesting views as Wednesdays must be mating days. We were treated to Lions mating, monkeys and finally turtles. When you think about it what else is the really to do in a zoo, sleep, eat and mate.

After a spectacular tour of the zoo Billy and the Grandparents were tired so we had a break then for lunch.

The palace is really something and as is custom the Grandparents took Billy on an elephant ride.
We then headed back to Bangalore and to rest up for our journey to Hampi.

I am going to continue with Jeremiah and Kay in Bangalore and then post the "hampi" tour.

So after we returned from Hampi we only had a few days left.So the Grandparents took each Jimmy,Kay and Billy separately to the pool for swimming and lunch. They also got to visit school however it was the last week of classes and the kids were busy practicing for the Annual Day show and Jeremiah and Kay were lucky enough to see the entire dress rehearsal!

The last tour day was probably their favorite being that they visited Murphy Town, Russel Market and Jeremiah even got to see a hardware store!!

It was a sad day when they had to leave.It was fun having all the Grandparents here. The kids sure enjoyed themselves and Tom and Tracy were very happy and proud of our parents travelling over here and doing as well with the "challenges" as they did.
We love you!!