Monday, April 16, 2007

Annnual Day/Report Cards

One thing that continues to amaze me is the amount of energy the Indian people put into celebrations, like this one may be the last, so lets go for it.

Annual Day is the accumulation of the previous years learning all round into one on stage performance for the kids. The performance has nothing to due with the studies but everything to due with, performance.

Starting about a month before the last day of school the children are given the roles they are to play in the upcoming performance and then practice that role exclusively for the remainder of the year. Terse warnings are given to the parents as to keep the child under the allotted tardy days as "Jimmy is are star dancer" and if his misses one more day we will be in trouble, who knew.

Kay must be well rested and please give her a bath because she is our best "Egyptian Princess" and princesses must be well presented and proper, what?

The Annual Day performance was based on a trip around the world featuring all the continents and music from each. It was quite long in fact when the key note speaker got up to talk his 40 minute speech about topics best suited to a Harvard or Yale commencement ceremony, started to wear on even the most patient person.

So after much ado the day finally arrived. Jimmy was splendid in his "Elvis Costume" complete with this guitar and led the class to a standing ovation we are truly proud. I am mean what a great beginning to a wonderful air guitar career!

Kay went to the local beauty parlor and was doted upon for an hour. She had a hair piece put in, make up, a bindi along with several other facial ornaments and then gold glitter all over her. This is the only time in recent memory where she sat still and cooperated. She did as fabulous Egyptian dance and we again we proud. What a way to launch a career as a infomercial star.

Not to be out done Billy decided to get into the act. He has been listening to the story of the three little pigs and decided to make it four. He spent the entire evening crawling around in the dirt. Push piles of dirt around, rolling in it, picking it up and pouring over his head, we pretended to ignore him and when people would look at us we just shrugged our shoulders. What a little darling. The best is when he started crawling all over us and the chairs and then fell off hitting his head with a loud "thuwnk" on the hard dirt. Fortunately, he wasnt permanently hurt and it gave a good excuse to leave the event before the end.

I am proud to say we "made it" through 3 of the 4 hours of the annual day event. Next year we will be prepared!

Now the following day it was time to have the parent teacher conference and find out how well the little darlings did in scholastic participation, The Report Card.

Jimmy received such acclimates as "my super sixer" "Wonderful wonder boy" for his command of English. Mathematics drew him, Super performance, Superman!, Fabulous James I am proud of you. Environmental studies started out with Wonderful wonder boy and ended with "keep it up your almost there"? He received " shows a lot of interest in learning" along with, "keen learner" for his interest in Hindi. The activity based part of his studies garnered showing progress in sports, music( he has the music "in him"and in crafts/art he received the highest accolade, master!

Jimmy had a great first year at Gopalan and proved that he indeed is a school ager!

Kay was rated on several levels of creativity , personal work habits, social habits, participation and finally cognitive and language development which I dare say is a tough ciriculum for a 3 year old in nursery school.

She was not deterred and received the highest marks and her teacher stated that she works well with others, follows directions well ( yea right) and is careful and neat. In her social habits she partakes in informal conversation as well as respects other people's property. At this point I asked for a picture of the child in question for just that morning our Kay spend several minutes on a time out for biting Billy over a puzzle right after she snuck into the freezer and ate a Kit Kat bar for breakfast! I am sure the 2 incidents are not related.

Gladys Ma'am (Kay's teacher) did indeed confirm that child in question to be Kay Marie Jeon Murphy so we continued with the assessment. Kay loves music and excels in arts and craft enjoys reading and even taught the entire class a song about the 7 days in a week. (Thank you Sandy!!) The children to follow in Kay's footsteps will also be taught, "Sunday, Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. There are seven days there are seven days there are seven days in the week".....The closing remarks about Kay and her ability to be stubborn were summed up as " Kay is creative and exhibits and expresses her ideas very well".
Gladys Ma'am will miss her "little butterfly" and is even trying to maneuver her way into being Kay's teacher next year. Who knew Kay had that kind of pull.