Thursday, March 29, 2007


The next day we headed back to Delhi in the van. I think for the kids the highlight of the trip was stopping at McDonald's for lunch. Yep right in the middle of now where India on the highway was McDonald's, go capitalism go.!

The entire day was taken up with the drive as we had to wait to leave until after 1:00 due to the Festival known as Holi. Basically you dress up in white get drunk and then through paint at each other, cars, buses, buildings or anything else that you feel needs to be painted. Then starting around 1:00 in the afternoon you go home and pass out, sound familiar to anyone, Happy St.
Patrick's Day.

We arrived in Delhi with no problems checked in and spent the afternoon hanging around the hotel. We then went to the world famous American bistro..TGI Friays. It was very similar to back home with the one exception of the noise. The music was so loud we could not even talk to each other.

Delhi which is currently the capital of India has not always been so. The city which is the center of North Indian travel and commerce has been attacked with the same voracity as the other cities having in common with the that the English were the last to be booted out.There have been eight Delhi's created over time. The eighth Delhi, New Delhi was constructed by the British. They then moved the British Capital of Calcutta to Delhi in 1911 however the construction was not done until 1931 and then in 1941 it became the Capital...

We toured the Red Fort which Shah Jahn was trying to build when his pesky son put him in jail.
We also saw Humayun's Tomb which is quite impressive. For us however the bike powered rickshaw ride through the commercial are of Delhi was fantastic. We saw things from tailors, flower shops, food markets and so on. The streets were so narrow that the bike could barely make it through. There was a school bus that was powered by a cyclist and the colors we saw and the wares for sale were incredible.

Then we were off to the hotel so the Grandparents could watch the kids and Tom and Tracy could go to dinner and what a great dinner we had. It was a sad ending to the day however because Grandpa Jim and Grandma Bunny were off to the airport and back home. We missed them already. Hugs and Kisses were exchanged and safe travels.(At the time of publishing the Hickeys were playing 18 holes of golf with their friends in Florida).

The next morning the rest of us headed out for a small tour of the places we missed.The first place we went to is called Bahai Temple. This is shaped like a white lotus and quite striking.

We visited a ceremonial gardens which is the exact spot where Gandhi utter his last words"My God". The final temple on our tour was a brand new Mosque which was completed in 2005. The place is a very ornate Temple with 1300 hand carved elephants surrounding it. It was built in honor of a young Swami who at the age of 7 set out bare foot and crossed India over a 20 year period and became one the they most revered Swami's. Unfortunately I can not remember his name.

We then returned to the hotel and collected our stuff and headed to the airport where thankfully we had no delays and returned to Bangalore with Grandma and Grandpa Murphy!