Thursday, August 17, 2006

school days School days good old fastion RULE days

Finally the kids are back in school. I mean school started again today. They have been out of school for the past three long, hot and ardent days. The school seems to enjoy working on Saturdays because being that Tuesday the 17th was Independence Day they decided to take Monday and Wednesday off and to work on Saturday. I have not yet been invited to a parent teacher conference but to me it seems these things need to be discussed not just implemented. What say do we have as parents, don’t these teachers know we rely on them for our sanity and what are we really paying them for but to shape and mold our next generation. Leaving them at home where all the seem to do is the opposite of what is asked hardly seems fair too the child, what with all the completion in the workforce these days the longer in school the brighter our future will be. Are these the ramblings of a stressed out father or the actual viewpoints of this bolg, hard to say?You can see by the attached photos that these three are of whom I speak but I speak for all those who rely on our institutions, I mean Schools to stay open as many hours of the week that they Human rights Act will allow!!