Wednesday, August 02, 2006

India, the land of constant surprise

OK .... We are experiencing typical India and I have to admit, its a little tiring. Every time you turn around there is another "surprise" ... 2 examples...

We are renting a fully furnished townhouse. What do you think that means? MOve in ready, right?! Well, we we were surprised to find out that it means literally, just furniture. Nothing else. No pillows, blankets, dishes, pots, pans, utensils, towels, etc....So, now we have to figure out how to get a hold of all of that stuff. AND < there isn't even a Target here to shop at:) It'll all work out, but I'll be glad when we are moved in and settled. I suspect that it'll be weeks before we have figured out everything we need to buy. Most likely we'll get pretty adapt at "making do". I guess it'll be a little like camping.

School. It turns out that we had a meeting yesterday with the school. We didnt know about it (no one told us we had a meeting) so we didnt show. They were surprised we werent there. So, we had to drop everything and go there today. We had turned in the application and it required copies of the kids immunizations/doctors notes. They then asked for copies of the kids birth certificates, passports and blood type. We didnt have them with us since the application didnt list that we need to provide copies. So now we have to run those back to the school (at our convenience... the school is 1 hour from the hotel).

In other (good) news..
Jimmy and Kay start school on Monday. Jimmy is in kindergarten (nursery) 8:30-12:00 and Kay is in preschool (PG1) 10:30-12:00. Jimmy has to wear a uniform, but Kay doesn't. That should be interesting fight every morning! He got fitted for his uniform today and they said he's a big kid .. no kidding:) They are very excited about school. It should be good to get them into a routine. Jimmy has to take a second language so he'll be starting Hindi. That should be a treat. Now he can start gabbing at us nonstop in a language we dont understand. I wonder if Hindi will be the "new" Spanish....