Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jimmy Birthday Update

Yes it is hard to believe that our little boy is now 5 and not so little. Jimmy got up on the morning of his birthday and the first thing he said " Am I a school ager now?" and when we told him that indeed he was five and a school ager he responded with a loud "YES"
The school that he goes to has a uniform that each child must wear however on their birthday they can basically wear what ever they want. So of course Jimmy had to go as a superhero, but which one. He decided on s superman shirt and cape, batman shoes and of course spiderman underwear. The children here also bring treats to school to give the teachers! The teacher union here must rock!
Last Saturday night the 19th we took the kids to a Korean restaurant for dinner as is our tradition and yes according to the "guide book" and our neighbor who is Korean this restaurant we chose was good. Well we were all excited for BeBimBop, Bulgogi, KimBop, Tofu di Guy, and most importantly MONDU!!!
They had none of that so we had to settle for chicken,rice some Korean pancakes a type of seafood dish and a great big mess that we left. OH for Mrs. Choy and Taste of Korea!!
the food was actually pretty good it just was not Korean. We sang Happy birthday to Jimmy and he started to blush,it was so cute. In hindsight I am not sure if he was blushing on embarrassed by his fathers inability to carry a tune, no matter which he was very proud and very cute and I can't believe he is 5. Where does the time go?
Then on Jimmy's actual birthday we had our neighbors Katherine and Quint over for cake and ice cream. Mom and Dad had to go to a big celebration of the new target office ,so we are going to have a big celebration on Saturday for Jimmy.
We have been here for basically 30 days and had to trim down our gueat list. I mean these kids are like magnents with the people the meet. We will have 12-14 kids , twice that many parents as well as this singing duo/couple from Romania that Jimmy meet at the hotel. More details on the party later.
Jimmy thanks you all for the thoughts and prayers. His Mom and Dad would like you to pray for us as that Jimmy has decided today that since he is no longer 4 but is now 5 he does not need his night time diaper anymore.!