Saturday, August 26, 2006

Jimmys Big Day

Today was Jimmys big neighborhood birthday party. Being that we live in Bangalore which is a city of 6.54 million people that the neighborhood party was hugh. We had 11 kids and their parents over for a superhero birthday party. There were kids for Canada, new Jersey, Korea( other than ours), France/China, Minnesota and from Bangalore.
The day started off with Dad going to the store to get supplies. The store is called Metro which is like a Costco/Sams club.They have just about everything you need only in large quantites. The difference is they do not tell you what those quantities are until you get to the cash registar, and it is really a cash registar because cash is all the take. So you may want 1 kilo of rice but the price is based on 20 kilos. You can buy a loaf of bread for 40 ruppees but you have to buy four differrent types of bread.It can be what we call " a real shopping experience".
While dad was doing that Mom had the carpenters from our maintenance shop over to hang our pictures. The reason the carpenters were over is not because Dad was outhopping, or doing whatever Dada do when they are"out", but because the walls here are cement and you need a special tool to drill a hole in the wall. The holes cost 20 rupees each( 50 cents) so the house is now looking a little more homey.
Back to the party we also had a spiderman cake, spiderman placemats,Superman plates and a candle when light started the house on fire, while the knife we had played Happy birthday each time you cut the cake or moved. This was all going on while each kid was armed with a squirt gun that would only work when aimed at an adult, you get the picture. Did I mention we had beer and wine!
Jimmy was in heaven as were all his friends and Kay and Billy.
We are truly blessed to have this mnany new people in our lives to help with this transition, especially for the kids. Everyone brought Jimmy a present sang Happy birthday to him and although our loved ones were not here, love was.