Monday, December 05, 2016

What's Been Going On?

Time seems to slip away when you have 4 kids running in several different direction along with life changing events and a professional football team that is tanking!

Jimmy and Tom were fortunate enough to get tickets to the Vikings game against the Cowboys. It was our first trip into the new stadium. The [place is really huge, and cool but not sure I see the $1.5 billion dollars it took to build the place. It is like any other stadium, big score boards and jumbo TV's, long lines and crazy fans.
It was fun to go with Jimmy as he thought it was the coolest place on earth! The game was great the Vikings actually ended their 5 game losing streak so we got to see the win. It was a nightmare to get out of the place and we had to walk about 1/2 mile to find a cab, however we did have a blast.

It is hard to believe that 13 years ago Kay came home! We celebrated her gotcha day in total Kay style with Fondu complete with chocolate fondu and strawberry's! She was in heaven. Kay continues to excel not only at gymnastics but in school as well. She keeps up her creative side with cooking and recently opening anew business called Kay's Slime Store. Yes she has a cottage industry she is running out of two drawers in the boys bathroom ( why take up space in hers) making custom to order slime. She has made a few teaser packets and has a couple of sales people working at the school- taking orders, so far we are still in the hole trying to recoup the initial investment but the forecast looks strong as the fiscal year winds down so we will see!
Kay we love you and we are blessed everyday that you chose us to be your forever family!

Thanksgiving was a super homey quiet day with lots of resting, relaxing and eating. I think this is the first time that we have made a traditional turkey, so smoking, deep frying, brining we just pulled out the roaster and off we went. Tom made a homemade stuffing, so just to be clear about dressing and stuffing, they are an identical dish the only difference is that it is called stuffing when out is inserted into he cavity of the bird and dressing when it is not. We also had Tracy's favorite side dish, cranberries from a can, mashed potato's, gravy, beans, and fresh tools. Wendy, Annamiek and Lucy made pumpkin and pecan pies and we all had a fantastic evening.

Tom had to be at the Mall of America the next day for a Gift of Adoption event
being that November is National Adoption Day his board had a special walk planed at the mall. There were several grant recipient families that came and we honored by the Gift of Adoption for making the lives of several children complete with a forever family! Kay and Ian came along more for the shopping than the event. Ian in true teenager fashion left to wander around by himself, Kay meanwhile was off and running looking for deals. She is a pretty good shopper, makes good selections and choices so it was fun. Tom and Kay made a pit stop at the new Tim Horton's for double doubles and tidbits all and all a great morning, we got out of the mall just as it was getting super packed and crazy.

For Tom's birthday Tracy gave him a day of Pheasant hunting with Terry, his dog scout and Mike G. The day was beautiful sunny, calm very little wind and our shooting skills were spot on. We had a round of trap then headed into the lodge for lunch which was venison chill and elk burgers, spectacular grub. Then off to the field where we proceed to knock down anything that flew. We put out 10 birds and we came back with 13! Great time, friends and fun. We are planning a pheasant gumbo meal after the holidays to celebrate the hunt!

We also had a brunch with Grandma and Grandpa, Brigid, Dennis, Stacia and Charlotte, Grandma wanted her picture with Jimmy, it was cute.

In addition we know have a 15 year old with a driving permit..more to come...