Monday, December 12, 2016

Billy Balou Won Joon Shawny - Happy Birthday!

No matter what we call you, we love you!  Happy 12th birthday Bill!

This year was the year of the ....drum roll .... PHONE!

Billy is now an official part of society with his own Samsung 7 - its a serious kick ass phone.

He's already got it set up in his Otter Box and figuring out how to download his games.  He also got gift cards for more games, a watch and a Target gift card. I'd say the kid is set:)

It was a low key winter birthday for 'ol Bill. Outside sledding, video games and the Vikings game.  All topped off by a Greek feast and brownies. What could be better?!

Bill, you are sweet, kind, calm, funny, smart, generous, thoughtful, helpful and a total squirrel. You a amazing at taekwondo and are becoming a real leader.

We love you and are SO grateful for your birth parents, foster parents, social workers and everyone that brought you into our lives.

Hope your 12th year is the best ever!!