Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Long time, no blog

So sorry for our radio silence, it has been crazier than ever around here and while its all good stuff, we can barely keep up. I'll give an update, by person so that its easier to track:)

Tom - started working full time (30 hrs/wk) at school and is loving it! He works before and after school care for the 3rd graders as well as lunch/recess. SO, he works 7:15-9:15 then 11:00-1:00 then 3:30 - 5:30 - he's playing lots of dodge ball ,medic, kickball and go to the head of the class. He loves his coworkers, the kids and has great stories to tell at dinner. He gets a work out in every day and helps with kid pick up.  Our roles have totally reversed with Tracy taking on all the after school snacks/driving. The kids are adjusting and Tracy is getting her fair share of the sites driving around Hopkins, Golden Valley and New Hope, over and over and over again.

Tracy - working full time and finding a job. She launched website, redid her resume, got business cards, has been networking and is now taking a few trainings (how to network, unconscious bias and a facilitator training for race discussions).  She's LOVING all the new people she's meeting and is really excited about this move. But, its crazy how much driving, coffee and lunches are involved.

Tracy/Tom - we paid off the house - yippee!!  Signed up for new health insurance, transferred Tracy's 4-01k, are dog sitting Lucy while Wendy/Annemiek are in New Zealand, booked tickets to Costa Rica for Christmas (yeah) and are getting ready for Thanksgiving, Billy's birthday and Xmas. 'Tis the season!!

Jimmy - Had basketball try outs and lets just say - politics are always involved. He did great in try outs, blocked shots, rebounded - even a 1/2 court buzzer shot but. .. he did not make the A team.  We knew it would be a challenge but what is shocking is that NONE of his teammates from last year made the A team. The A team has 6 8th graders on it and only 5 9th graders.  But, he's going to play B (reluctantly) and we think its a good life lesson, play because you enjoy it, not because you made the best team.  In his conferences, his teachers love him. He's polite, helpful, curious, a leader and a typical 15 yr old boy (a bit distracted and disruptive but not disrespectful) He's really gotten into making videos and the media center found him and now he's going to do the band trip and redo all their pride videos. He's thrilled! And, we think he has a girlfriend and her names Lauren, more to come.

Kay - Deep into gymnastics and loving it. Her grades are nice and stable and she's really committed to homework. Her conferences were fun - Kay always has a smile on her face, is nice to everyone, asks a ton of questions and is really engaged. She just needs to be more proactive on homework and details. Dont we all, dont we all. She's all about sleep overs and Christmas and already has her room decorated and Christmas music playing at all hours.

Billy - aka Mr Blackbelt is rolling along.  TKD is taking up even more of his time/attention and he loves it.  School is good, he's now reading at a 10th grade level and is very diligent in his homework. He thinks he talks to much in school but the teacher said its not an issue.  Again, he's nice to everyone and has been on a string of birthday parties, which is fun. He's really excited for his birthday - we are taking his friends to the new Star Wars moving. Good time.

Ian - he's doing well and is now going out for nordic skiing so we have another new sport to learn/support. He's doing great in school and I'm so impressed given English isn't his 1st language and he's reading really hard books in class (the Crucible!!) His friends are willing to try anything and last week when to the school musical and roller skating. Love how adventurous he is!

So, there you have it, thats why you haven't heard from us.  I promise an update after Sunday's Viking game (Tom and Jimmy have tickets) as well as Thanksgiving.

Now I'm going to go take a nap ......