Sunday, April 29, 2018

Life moves pretty fast, sometimes you need to slow down - Ferris Bueller

Wow, this month  has FLOWN by ... between a mega snow storm, school, work, gymnastics, taekwondo and prep for summer football we haven't had much (any) down time.  Its crazy.

Thought I'd do a quick reflection and update...

Tom is Tom. All is good, work is fun - he taught the kids to make mini pizzas and is negotiating his summer hours. While we SHOULD (in theory) be able to leave the kids home along during the day in the summer, I'm not sure I can handle the chaos they create in the house when adults aren't around.  Jimmy won't eat unless someone makes it for him, Billy forgets to eat and Kay will make a 10 course dinner for 10 and then proceed to leave it all out to rot.  Sigh.  Not to mention there will be practices to drive to/from during the day. The best schedule would be 7-10a and then 2-5p but I'm not sure he's going to be able to pull that off....

Jimmy is gearing up for football.  He had his 1st captains practice yesterday and is signed up for 5 summer football camps (college interest camps).  U of M, South Dakota, Madison, Mankato and a regional camp.  They should be fun!  He's going to Christian Club every Monday morning, Jazz Band Tues and Thursday mornings and wants to start a Conservative Club at school. I'm trying to get him to join debate so that I get a bit of relief from the constant interest in debating with me on EVERY. SINGLE. MAJOR. POLITICAL hot-button that's out there.  Transgender, gun control, abortion, states rights, Black Lives Matter, the list goes on and on and is exhausting. Especially since he chooses to bring it up at 9:30p every night.  He has applied for a summer job at my work and will train in at the end of May. God help us!

Kay is busy with gymnastics, not only practicing but cheering on her club friends in regionals. She also was able to see the collegiate regional meet and was reinspired to pursue gymnastics in college. We've look at the list of colleges that offer gymnastics and we the good news is ... there are a LOT in our region.  U of M, Gustavus and Winona all are division 1/2 (they combine division 1 & 2 for girls gymnastics) with the U of W Stout, Eau Claire, Whitewater and LaCrosse in division 3.  I am feeling much better about her college prospects knowing that we have options outside of UCLA and Oklahoma (UCLA, Oklahoma and the U of M are the "big" 3 in college gymnastics).  We are going on a month of having more better days than bad days and I'm just counting my blessings with each good day that passes.

Billy is in full swing with taekwondo.  Nationals is in Salt Lake City over the 4th of July and there is either a camp or competition almost every weekend between now and then.  He's also got an orchestra trip to Chicago coming up this week (Wed-Sat night) and Tom got suckered into chaperoning.  They are taking both Jr Highs and all 3 grades on the trip.  3 bus loads of kids. Yikes.  Tom is a saint.

I'm busy with work and am still loving the variety.  On Tuesday I started the day with our Finance Committee board meeting to review our audit with the auditors and ended the day cleaning all the toilets since we had to let our cleaning company go and the new one hadn't started yet.  I've also been able to get on my bike this week for the 1st set of training rides. I rode 5 times!  And, while the roads are clear, the there is still  tons of ice on the lakes and the roads haven't been swept of salt or dirt yet.  I'm not complaining though as my training has been cut seriously short by the mega snow storm.  Billy and I "get' to go to Kansas City for a TKD tournament Mothers Day weekend and I have an upcoming leadership conference with nonprofit CEO/President/Executive Directors in mid May.  Then, over Memorial Day we are headed up to McGregor to a cabin with Angela and at the boys.  So, another busy month ahead!!

Here are some fun memories.... (keep in mind, Kay won't let me take her photo)

Applying for his 1st job!

1st and 3rd at the tournament that was in the middle of the huge snow storm

Entertaining the neighbor kids - he said "wow, do all kids have that much energy? they are exhausting but fun"

Pre tournament fun at the waterpark

Love these 3

Official team photos

He looks too happy to be scary

LOVE LOVE LOVE  They are 13, 12 and 10 and all the same size:)