Saturday, May 05, 2018

Hot Jazz

The end of the school year is winding down and that means ... end of the year concerts.

Tonight kicked off the end of jazz band, its a voluntary before school band and Jimmy loves it. He plays drums and sax but would prefer if he only played drums.  They meet before school every Tues and Thurs and he has NO problem getting up for it.  He just wishes that they could choose their own music and (therefore) have more challenging music to play. Its a common compliant with this crew since they are all really talented and want to get better, fast.

Tonight they played 4 songs and Jimmy played drums on 2 and sax on 2 (with gum in his mouth, I have no idea how he does that but he's been doing it since 6th grade).  They sounded amazing and we can't wait for next year!!

Hot Jazz 1
Hot Jazz 2
Hott Jazz 3
Hot Jazz 4

Getting ready to go!

Happy place

Working it

On sax

The Band

The Band + Mr Bell