Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Kays very best days ever!

Kay is on a roll. Not only did she have an amazing vacation that included Wee Bare Bears, staying in bed all day and unlimited room service and chocolate cake ... she came home to Easter (her favorite holiday) and the prospect of getting her braces off (finally and for the second time!)

No idea why Easter is Kay's favorite. .. the bunny, the food, the treats, the candy ... I suspect is The Hunt.  She loves surprises, puzzles and searching for clues.  This year was no exception, well almost no exception. The biggest difference was that she didnt wake up until noon, then had to eat, then putz THEN...finally, at 3pm, she was ready for The Hunt.  Unfortunately mother nature didnt cooperate and it was a full indoor hunt given the snow on the ground (and more on its way). But that did stop them...they were racing around the house looking for eggs.  Tracy had 1/2 a mind to fill each egg with a take out condiment packet (ketchup, mustard, etc) instead of chocolate and jelly beans since it was also April Fools Day but .. she abstained.

They had a great hunt, loved their baskets and called Grandma Bunny to talk to her with their favorite greeting - Happy Easter Bunny!!  Jimmy even threw in a little April Fools Humor by stating - Guess what Grandma?! Big News!  Mom is pregnant - everyone laughed. (Thank GOD thats not true! Scary)

Then, Monday was back to school but even that couldn't dampen Kay's excitement, she was getting her braces off.  As you recall, she's had braces twice and hasn't exactly been following the Dr's instructions for wearing rubber bands, etc so we suspect that these braces stayed on a good 6 months longer than they needed to but ... no worries, they came off!

And, now on to bigger worries - she gets her retainer on Wednesday and need to wear it nonstop for 8 weeks. Given her inability to follow directions I wonder how many arguments this will create. AND ... scarier still ... she's old enough to take drivers ed (you have to be 14 1/2 yr old) and we have her on a wait list for early May with her friends.  If thats not scary, I dont know what is....

We love you Kay! You have an amazing zest for life, are funny, independent, strong minded and maddeningly wonderful.  Cheers to your next adventures!!

The Hunt. Kay's in her robe. At 3pm.


After - same cute smile, new clean teeth