Monday, May 01, 2017

The Royal Rumble

So every year for the past 47 years or so the facility at  Hopkins Junior High challenges the 9th grade to a basket ball game. The teachers then have a meeting and decide which student will get the honor of being the caption for the 9th grade team and this year it was none other then Jimmy!

He took his role to heart and put together a team of talented 9th grade boys and girls to take on the staff. They were a couple of practices to get prepared but more importantly there was the uniforms and and getting the fan base wound up via twitter and Instagram. The students made countless signs, painted their faces and colored their hair even Kay got into it

making a sign for Jimmy that is really cute.

Game day came and of course the kids did not want Dad at the game however since Dad is technically on the staff and has an all access badge he was able to sneak into the game. It was a crazy event. There teachers were all serious and in matching uniforms the students looked like something out of zombie warfare, tights, pink hair, crazy signs and cheering super loud. The referees were definitely on the side of the teachers.

The game was sure close at halftime with the students up by 2! The second half Jimmy and his team rallied and the teachers called a time out 4 minutes into the second half and were down by 10. Suddenly the students were making fouls without even making contact and the teachers seemed to be at the free throw line constantly. One student was on a breakaway and a teacher literally knocked the kid into the stands and the student was called for a shooting violation bringing the teachers back to the free throw line and tying the game!

Jimmy called time out and refocused the team and with 15 seconds left Noah hit a three putting the teachers up by 4, the ref was not happy and called yet another foul and overtime the teacher missed the ref called a lane violation causing an uproar, eventually after 5 tries the teaches made both free throws to come within 2 points. Then with 2 seconds left after and aggressive attack the teachers throw up a Hail Mary 3 that bounced off the rim and missed. For the first time in 47 years the students won the game and the place went crazy!!! Jimmy was running around high 5ing everyone the students were going nuts and the teachers were sort of stunned and blamed the loss on the ref's!!!

Super fun event and glad that Jimmy keep his word and played everyone equally and kept his head in the game, way to go wildcat!!!