Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dance Season!

Yes, there is such a thing.

Jimmy had his 1st "real" dance on Friday night - Semi (semiformal) and, per the social constructs, you need to invite via sign (i.e.: create a sign asking the other person to go to the dance with you). Jimmy and Mary had been talking about going to the dance together for ages, but it wasnt official until the sign was made, seen and acknowledged? Plus, they need to a surprise and pithy.  Yikes! Jimmy snuck into school, made a sign with 2 packets of Extra gum that said "I'd be extra extra happy if you'd go to Semi with me" and put it in the her locker with the help of her friends (how in the world do they know each others locker combos?!).  Of course she said "yes", considering this was 3 days before said dance, she had already bought her dress and informed him on what color tie to wear. The sign was the final formality.

So, who goes with who?  Apparently you DO go with a girl you 'like' but not a girl you "like like".  Let me explain... Jimmy likes Olivia (Noah's old girlfriend) but Kyle asked Olivia.  Not sure who Noah and Shane like but it wasnt the girls they took. Miles did take Lauren (Jimmy's old girlfriend) and - as it happens Jimmy took Mary (Miles old girlfriend) but in the end. ...they all go as a big group anyway. I'm sure its not at all uncomfortable.

As luck would have it, Ian had prom the next day.  We had an incredibly hard time culturally explaining prom and couldn't convince he to buy new shoes, shirt, tie or jacket.  In fact, he wanted to "borrow a tux from a friend" - I'm not sure he every really understood that most high school students dont have tuxes lying around waiting to be lent out in size extra small (or in any size for the matter!)
Tracy did manage to talk him into a new pair of black pants and black tie. And, when he decided, the day before prom, that he needed a jacket and "we can just run to the thrift store", it was all she could do to not pull all her hair out.  Off to the thrift store they went and ... go figure, there was nothing there he liked (thank god or I think Tracy would have hurled).  He settled on a vest and in a major coup, she DID talk him into buying his date a corsage and himself a bouttiener. Miracles exist!  (Have we mentioned he doesnt like to spend money, hence all of the above)

After all the prep, they had a great time, dance, came home late and hung out with friends.  All is well that ends well...

Except when Ian asked to see Tracy's prom pictures.....

Ok, here are highlight photos of the weekend... Cute kids:)

Watch out girls

Ready to go

The gang, Kyle, Jimmy, Alex, Noah

Izzie, Ian's date

the flowers Ian bought to match her dress

Looking good, trying to smile

His more "natural" look (he hates to smile for me)

Ian and Ozzie, yes he's on his tippy toes

Kids can't seem to sit still




Ians crew

At the dance (Lafette Club)

With friends

With Chai

With Mai

Jimmy, Mary (on right) and unknown girl on left

With Mary's sister

The handsome couple

Kissy face


When you least expect it

Tracy and Laura - circa 1986~ 


Ruffles, Big hair and big hoop skirts

My date Pete

Had to throw in one of Tammy and Julie's homecoming ~ 1988 or 89?  They've got the big hair and gloves going, oh how styles change....