Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Happy 19th Anniversary!!

Holy crap, how can it be 19 years already?

19 years ago I clearly remember waking up to wind and rain and thinking... sh-t, we don't have a back up plan. But then, Tom talked me off the ledge and we decided to put our faith in action and declare that it wasn't going to rain on our wedding day.  (In fact, one of Jim F's favorite memories of the day is me looking him in the eye and saying 'it is NOT going to rain at our wedding").

After a quick trip to town to pick up the porto potties and get some jojo's to snack on, it was back to camp and getting everyone rallied.  Once the sun came out, we were going to get married!

And, it DID come out!  Right at 3:00, the clouds parted, the sun shown and we quickly assembled everyone for pictures and the ceremony.  People sat on blankets, chairs and little kids ran around, it was wonderful.  Then, as we were literally shaking the last hand in the reception line, the skies opened up and it was a torrential downpour. I've never had more fun dancing in the rain than I did that night (despite Jim F and my dad being worried we were going to get electrocuted).

Who would know, that day, what was in store for us the next 19 years?!

~ 3 kids !!! (yeah for Jimmy Kay and Billy!)
~ 1 exchange student (so glad to have Ian for the last year)
~ 2 dogs (RIP Mavis and big hugs to our hairy, zen Nikki)
~ 2 countries (India and Canada were transformational for us as a family)
~ COUNTLESS vacations (especially love the RV trips with the kids)
~ Births, marriages, divorces and deaths (both happy and sad at new beginnings and lives well lived)
~ Sickness (pneumonia and dengue fever being prominent experiences)
~ Braces, glasses, lost teeth, sports, competitions, band, orchestra, lessons, etc .....
~ FRIENDS (too many to count and all of which we count on daily)
~ FAMILY (the chance to connect, vacation, share achievements and disappointments)

We love our life. Its rich, busy, frustrating, fun and full of love.  Despite the ups and downs, we wouldn't have it any other way.

ALL our love and thanks to ALL of you that help us be who we are, together and as individuals.