Saturday, March 04, 2017

Kay is on a roll!

Yesterday was her 3rd meet and she continues to work had and get better.

It was a HUGE meet 275 girls in her level (8) from 5+ states. Its a good indicator for what she'll see at regionals (when we qualifies).  She did great. Her floor and beam continue to be her best events.  She needs to push herself on the vault to do a more difficult vault and she needs to continue to build upper body strength on the bars.  (level 8 is a hard level for bars as the skills needed require immense upper body strength, namely being able to switch directions in mid-routine).

Here are the highlights from her heat (there were 5 heats of level 8 and of the 275 girls her final rank was 91 - in the top 1/3 which is pretty damn good) ...

4th in floor with a 9.35 - I think this is her best floor score - EVER!

7th in beam with a 9.05 - she is THRILLED that she got 1 9's in this competition

8.45 on the vault - which is really good since the top score she can get is a 8.5 since its not a level 8 vault

8.0 on the bars - the 1st 1/2 of her routine was wobbly but she nailed the 2nd half

34.875 as a final score, up from 34.825 in the last meet and 33.75 in the 1st meet

As her coach says, its not about where you place but if you are improving - and she is!

In fact, I think her scores are now high enough that she'll move to level 9 next year but ... not holding our breath on that yet.  (keep in mind, level 10/11 are college level competition with a chance at the Olympics - she's in the hunt for being able to compete in college, which is her goal)

We are so proud of you Kay!  You are determined, focused, a hard worker and resilient.

Keep up the great work and continue to love what you do and have fun!!