Sunday, February 26, 2017

Billy kicks ass at state!

Billy was amazing at state.  Earlier in the week we were told that he wouldn't compete in sparring since he was the only kid in his weight/belt/age, but NOT TRUE!  He was able to compete and the great news is that he got to fight new kids.

(Aside, part of our issue is that all the good kids in state go to his gyms, so he fights them in practice all the time. Then when it comes time for competition, he ends ups fighting the same kids he always practices with.  Its hard then for him to get new competition, which he needs if he's going to be ready for nationals in July. So, state was a welcome surprise)

They have him competing as a red belt since he's only a probationary black belt and won't get his full black belt until a week before nationals. To add to the complexity, what ever belt he competes at during state is what he needs to compete at for nationals even though they are 5 months apart. Hence, competing as a red belt.

Here's how it breaks down...

3rd place in demo

1st place in pomsea after 2 rounds  - his kicks are amazing and his form nice and sharp

1 place in sparring after 2 rounds - you can tell that he's been spending a ton of time with Mr Lee and he's becoming a really smart and strategic sparrer

Proud of him!!

Love you Bill!