Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kays state meet

At level 8, this is the 1st year Kay could qualify for regionals. In order to do so, you have to score over 34 at the state meet. We weren't too worried as she has gotten over a 34 at each meet this year but, boy was she nervous.  She chatted nonstop all morning, was on the phone with her friends, took 2 hours to do her hair and makeup and was rather short with us if we asked how we could help or what she needed.  Its hard because if we tell her "don't worry, you'll be fine" she thinks we are putting pressure on her.  It's really a no win situation. She takes is all so seriously and wants so badly to do well.  She wouldn't let the boys come watch her but did let Grandma and Grandpa Murphy "in the house" so to speak.  I'm hoping this is all a phase and part of being 13....

She was the only level 8 at the 13 yr old level that competed yesterday from her gym but her friend Lindsay (age 14) did make it to regionals earlier in the day and Kay was thrilled but ... rather than thinking, ok, if Lindsay can do this, so can I.  She thought, well if Lindsay made it now I HAVE to make it.  Really, her anxiety about competing is becoming a borderline problem. We need to figure out how to help her calm down so that she can focus and trust herself. God knows she works hard enough and is extremely open to her coaching. (and ... doing the mediation just the night before the meet isn't helping)

She started off so strong on floor!! 9.325 and it was a joy to watch.

Then was vault, not her favorite or her best event. And, it showed.  8.05  vault 1  vault 2

We were anxious to see her bars as she had a great week of practice on the bars, nailing her routine and getting her pirouette to the point where her feet weren't hitting floor, a BIG accomplishment!  She  did manage to nail her pirouette and landing but the 1st part of her routine was a bit wobbly and she didnt look strong on her easiest skills. Her nerves were starting to show. But, she got a 8.85 and was proud of her pirouette

Finally beam, this is usually right up there with floor as her strongest event and with the above scores she only needed a 7.75 to go to regionals.  Her warm up on beam was perfect and we thought - she's got this!!  Unfortunately, nerves took over and she fell off the beam. Twice. Thats so hard to watch as we KNOW she's just devastated inside. But, she got back up (twice) and finished a gorgeous routine with a perfect landing. beam 1st part beam 2nd part

Waiting for her final score made me want to throw up but she did it. She squeaked out a 7.8 so ... We are going to Sioux Falls for regionals!! Woo hoo!!

We are trying to tell her regionals is all just about fun. It'll be the last meet of the year and doesnt really "count" for anything other than for fun.  But, she's already worried that its her 1st out of town meet and she wants to do well.  Sigh.  The good news is ... everyone that makes regionals gets a team Minnesota leotard and she loves it!

So, a few more weeks until regionals! Let's hope can keep her off the ledge until then.

We are so proud of how hard she works, how badly she wants to do well, how she supports her team mates and how coachable she is. We just wish she's go a bit easier on herself and let herself enjoy it. I suspect she'd do even better if she relaxed and enjoyed....

Love you Kay!!