Sunday, October 09, 2016

Watch out world, Billy is a BLACK BELT!

Yesterday was a day Billy has worked towards for the last 5 years, his black belt in Taekwondo.  He is focused, committed, a hard worker, a coachable kid and all around LOVES his sport.

It started in Toronto with Mr Ted and continued to St Louis Park with Mr Lemon and Mr Lee. He's learned too many pomsea forms to count, how to spar aggressively and strategically, weapons such as nunchucks, sword, bow staff and hand knifes, self defense, and traditional Korean customs, language and protocol.

He was so nervous leading up to the big day. They can technically ask you to do ANY form you have learned in the last 5 years and thats saying a lot.

But, it all went without a hitch and he is now a probationary black belt.

Basically, you can't be an official black belt until you are 16 so anyone under is a probationary, then Jr, then full black belt. He can continue to earn degrees against his belt and will retain those when we he turns 16. So, its conceivable he could be a 3rd or 4th degree black belt by 16.  Like we said, watch out world!!

It was also fun to have him test with his best friends, Esa and Grace. They did their forms in almost perfect unison and I love the bond they have.

Congrats to all the belt graduates yesterday and  ... we are SO proud of you Billy!

We love you!!
Graces board breaking

Billy board breaking 

Black Belt with Mr Lemon

Newly minted Black Belt!

Isa getting her Black Belt

Esa Billy and Grace 

Love these kids!

They did it!

The crew that tested for new belts!! Woo HOO!

The Black Belts

Ace and Billy celebrating afterwards