Sunday, October 09, 2016

Kellogg Gymnastics Exhibition

Tracy and Kay went to the Kellogg Gymnastics Exhibition on Saturday night and it was CRAZY!
They had the full mens and womens gymnastics team alone with Natsia Lupkin, Shawn Johnson, Jordan Weber, the aero gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics gold medalists and the trampoline world champions. It was so fun to the their talent, athleticism and how much they were having.  Kay loved every minute and Tracy was terrified by some of the cirque du soile type tricks where people where hanging 50 ft above the ground with no net and just using their body strength to keep themselves from falling.  NOT for the faint of heart or those that are afraid of heights. Some of kay friends also went and we met them at intermission for some inspired splits, front/back walkovers, bridges, flips, etc.  Nothing like hanging out with 13 yr old girls at the sport they love. It was a really cool opportunity and we are SO glad we went.

Love you Kay!