Tuesday, October 18, 2016

trifecta - Ian's 16th birthday, Tracys parents are back, Tracys last day at Target

Its been a crazy few weeks. Starting at the beginning.

Ian turned 16!! We weren't sure how to celebrate since his actual birthday was on a Wednesday so pasta, brownies and presents seemed in order followed by a korean dinner at our favorite, restaurant on Sunday night, Mirror of Korea.   Turns out, Ian doesnt like brownies. or ham. or haircuts.  He does love soup, chicken, pizza, waffles, sausage  and hamburgers.  We loaded him down with Hopkins paraphernalia.  A Hopkins hat, sweatshirt, socks and water bottle. He was most excited about the socks and water bottle, go figure.  We sang happy birthday, blew out candles and that was that.  However, I think he really did like our Korean dinner, he ordered his favorite soup and said it tasted almost as good as his moms. I think the dinner made him a bit homesick and he made a point of telling us that his parents wanted us to know how thankful they were that we took him out for korean food and made his birthday special. Best birthday ever. (according to Ian)

Grandma and Grandpa were back in town from their train trip out west. The visited Glacier Nat'l Park, Whitefish, Portland and San Francisco. The photos were amazing  but the highlight was my mom and aunt meeting their dads side of the family and 1st and 2nd cousins in Portland.  What a wonderful trip for them! They spent a few days with us and then were off to Lambeau for the game before they head back to South Carolina for the winter. Ah the life of retired parents. JEALOUS!!

Finally, Tracy's last day official day at Target  was yesterday. She's been contemplating a move to non profit and nows the time.  We actually think she'll end up working harder than she has in years as she tries to land a job in nonprofit. What was weird is that, yesterday was just a normal day. No parades, banners or tears. Just being with the amazing people and team at Target, saying thank  you and quietly walking out the door. As it should be. Means she was ready.  Whats funny is that she didn't even think to invite Tom to her exit reception. (ice cream social)  he probably  dodged a bullet on that one.

So, here's to big milestones, adventures and good people in your live.
grandma and grandpa at the game, hard loss but a gorgeous day

presents and the bday boy

cute boys

getting ready to blow out candles our signing is atrocious

all but 1!




go hopkins!

dinner at Mirror of Korea - Ian IS having fun, but he doesnt like to smile for the camera - typical teenager



and... thats that ....