Friday, May 27, 2016

The craziness persists and expands to include Aunt Sue!!

Aunt Sue came into town since Billy had his final taekwondo competition and Jimmy had a baseball tournament. Its always fun when she's here but I'm sure we wore her out. To give you a bit of a flavor, Billy's tournament was in Coon Rapids from 10-3 on saturday (30 min north of our house) and Jimmy's 1st (of 3 games) was in Eagan at 10am (45 min south of our house)  Tracy logged 60 min of dog walk time, 400 minutes of car time and 140 minutes of bike time (she biked from our house to Jimmys last game as a training ride).  Fortunately (or unfortunately) Jimmys team did not advance to Sunday's games so ... we had a full free day on Sunday. Heaven!!

The weekend in pictures 

Billy got 1st in pomsea (forms) and was able to compete in the championship round (basically any age at the color belt he's at)  Super exciting!!

2 golds and a silver - gold in pomsea, team pomsea and silver in weapons which is awesome since this is the 1st time he's ever competed in weapon. He used a sword.

Bolstered by his success, he dug out all his medals and wore them around the house all day.  Watch out Michael Phelps!!

Kay had her end of the year science fair. She tested what is a cookies diameter, breakability and taste when you follow the recipe, use 1/2 the butter and 2x's the butter. Then, in an act of brilliance made cookies and brought them to school as a taste test for her project.  I wonder who'll win the competition?! (she was the only one with bribes - I mean treats)

Jimmys final band concert (where he plays tenor sax) was also this week. We was able to introduce a song and also had a section of music where he played with the horns vs the wind instruments. He loved it!  Of course ... and looked smart too. Cant wait for 9th grade band!!

Not to be out done - Tracy's been getting tons of training rides in between rain and sweet talking anyone she can into going with her.  Sunday she went on a ride with a neighborhood friend and met an abrupt end to their ride when they "bumped" into each other. It was a mutual accident and you know its bad when people come running. They were troupers and rode the rest of the way home, bleeding and wincing.  Its slowly getting better (after a few sleepless nights) and she's been on 2 more rides since then. As long as she doesn't actually use her arm on the bike (it hurts when she hits bumps) its just fine. good lesson to communicate with your biking partner and wear a helmet.

It was really fun to have Sue with us to enjoy and share our craziness:)