Friday, May 20, 2016

End of school craziness - otherwise known as concerts and science projects

The end of the school year comes fast and furious and the kids are frantically trying to keep up!
Jimmy's first task was to create a solar oven that would be capable of cooking something, most kids opted for the nachos option while the more adventerous  went for the S'more attempt.
Lets just say that with Kay's help the oven was completed, the nacho part not so much! and, it looks like Kay is a ringer for the project next year. 

Next up was Billy and the Meadowbrook Orchestra, Billy playing the 32nd seat violin !
The kids have come a long way since the beginning of the year and were pretty darn good. It was kind of a hoot watching Billy play when you could barely see him behind the music stand!  We don't have any "live" video of this concert for a few reasons ... you cant see Billy, the acoustics were awful, its a 5th grade strings concert - enough said. 
Then came Jimmy and the Jazz Combo, and I must say WOW were they spot on. A very tight group and of course Jimmy led the way. In this group he plays the drums, in the big band he plays the tenor sax ( more on that next week)
The links below are both Billy and Jimmy.  Cut and Paste into the browser
Meanwhile Kay is studying for her 7 course finals, piece of cake according to her:)
The in there middle of all that Tom and Tracy got to sneak out and watch Lucy Kaplinsky and she was awesome, even covered Thunder Road!!

videos of jazz combo