Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!

To All the Mothers a very Happy Mothers Day!

We had a super fulfilled day starting with a late lunch with Grandma Kay and Grandpa Jeremiah with a special guest appearance from my brother Brian.

Then we were off to spend the day with Tracy whom i am blest to have as my partner, wife friend and life long travel/ journey partner and the kids are blessed with Tracy as their Mom, Taekwando enthusiast ,math guru, gymnastics support team leader, baseball, basketball, football cheerleader along with travel director and keeper of the family flame, yes Tracy is a rockstar!

She is always pushing us all to be our best, to be kind and considerate and to make sure all those whom we have in our lives know what they mean to us and how important they are.The family was busy getting the perfect Mothers Day dinner ready while Tracy was off having a pedicure and relaxing at the spa.

Chevy's fish taco's are one of Tracy's favorites and when she recently went to a Chevy's and they no longer served them she was totally bummed. While Kay was busy making the dessert which was Key Lime filled Canola's Tom was busy re-creating the Chevy Taco. Special coleslaw, sour cream and a special batter fish and we were ready!

The kids gave Mom a few heart felt gifts and we enjoyed having a fun dinner together. Tracy is more than a Mom, she is driven by her desire to help those less fortunate, she has been working nonstop on her Adoption Option board , as Adoption is one of her passions. In that vain the Crisis Nursery has been in her sights, for all the great work they do with family's and children in crisis, and she will be hopefully joining their board. Along with all that she is back training and fundraising for another of her passions, the MS150, for specifically MS itself and praying and helping to find a cure.

She is our light and shows us how to be unselfish and to stay true to your passions and to be your best in all you do! We love you we are blessed by you and we are glad you are our Mom.

We love you!!!
Tom, Jimmy, Kay, Billy and Nikki